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Baldwin Martial Arts Academy

At Baldwin Martial Arts we give training a personal touch, we identify your goals and help you to reach them, Then we help you set new ones. We help you find your strengths & weaknesses, and then begin to strengthen your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths to allow each student the best training experience possible. We take you as you are and help you discover what you can become. If you are willing to learn & motivated to try you can succeed with Youn Wha Ryu. Our instructors are eager to help every student reach their maximum potential.

Our family class is for students ages 7 to 107 (there is no such thing as too old to train). Children as young as 4 are allowed to join if they are attending class with a parent or adult student that will be helping them at home. Following our family class is our advanced class for red belts and above. This is a 30 minuet class designed to help the higher ranked student improve their skills. Martial Arts originally was and at Baldwin Martial Arts still is a Family activity. Years ago a father would teach his martial arts skills to his children. They all trained as a family. This style of teaching worked best then and it still works best today, we encourage families training together and offer price breaks for multiple members who join together.

Please feel free to come by and try a class at no cost or obligation to see if we are right for you.

Baldwin Martial Arts Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 1
Lead instructor: Russ Gill

Assistant instructor (Youn Wha certified) Cheryl Christian

Class times: Monday and Wednesday evening.
Family class begins at 6:00 Monday and Wednesday. (if your schedule only allows you 1 day a week, that is not a problem with us) our advanced class follows the family class, starting at 7:30 and going until 8:00 or whenever we get tired of training.


Martial Arts is a Journey
We come here for many reasons, Some want to learn to defend themselves, Some want to get into shape and become healthy, Others want to compete for the medals, the trophies, and bragging rights. But we have all come to train and desire to be great martial artist. Martial Arts is a life long journey, the longer you practice the more you find that you want to learn more. There is an endless supply of skills and techniques to be learned and mastered. You will never be short of challenges for yourself if you only look. Martial Arts becomes a way of life and the teachings apply to all parts of your life. You will find it strenuous yet relaxing, challenging yet satisfying, you will feel powerful yet become passive because you know you have the power. It is a wonderful journey that can fill your life with many great experiences and memories. Today is your first step of many on this wonderful adventure in Youn Wha Ryu.

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