Youn Wha Ryu Martial Arts Training Tips

To Climb Higher You Must Dig Deeper

As you go higher in rank your training becomes more your responsibility. The sooner you accept this mindset the better. Taking ownership of your training is a sign of a mature student.

So do not wait for your instructor to teach you everything. What I mean is this, early on you were equipped with the tools needed to take this step whether you realize it or not. The advanced techniques are formed from the basic foundational techniques that you should already have well ingrained in you by green belt.

I remember hearing this from my master early on and all through my training. He encouraged us not to just practice but act as if you are your own instructor; and of course be tough on yourself. Often he would compare this to reading the same story over and over. Every time you do you always notice details that were unnoticed before.

This would lead us to deeper understandings and even the creation of new techniques (by new techniques I mean ones that existed already that we just hadn't seen yet). Whenever I would figure something out or create something new I would rush to the dojo to show my master hoping he would be greatly impressed with my efforts.

In Gracie jiu-jitsu if you want to move up in rank, then you dedicate yourself to a year of intense study and training and wait for Royce to come to your school to teach a seminar. During that seminar he will evaluate everything you do and how you conduct yourself. If he feels you are ready for promotion than he will test you even further towards the end of the seminar.

In Youn Wha Ryu it is similar. Brown and Black Belts realize they now have extra responsibilities like serving on the black belt panel. When serving on the panel you will have many opportunities to prove yourself. The best way is to be a part of the demonstrations at testing or partner up with the testers for their sparring, drills or self defense.

So It's all very simple actually.... Train hard and often and look for every chance you can to prove to your instructor that you are indeed ready to take it to that next level.