Stop by one of our Youn Wha Ryu Martial Arts Academies to view a class and begin your journey in the Youn Wha Ryu Martial Arts System.

Like most styles of martial arts in existence today, Youn Wha Ryu is an  art that has many facets!

Primarily a stand up striking art incorporating techniques from taekwondo, karate and kung fu, Youn Wha Ryu stylists are also adept at the grappling and throwing range as well as on the ground.

The system develops to to the strengths of the individual and incorporates not just the kicking and striking arts but also the throws and joint locks of judo, hapkido and aikido as well as the ground game of jiu jitsu and  a variety of weapons training.  An ever-evolving art, Youn Wha Ryu adds new techniques and fighting strategies on a regular basis.

The Youn Wha Ryu system focuses on mental and spiritual training as equal to that of physical development. The martial arts are a craft of the mind as much as of the body. Having a well-centered mental state can only enhance an individual’s success in the martial arts as a sport and increase the effectiveness of self-defense techniques.

Youn Wha Ryu Martial Arts Association Academies are located in the Missouri towns of Farmington, Lesterville, Fredericktown, Perryville, Bismarck, and West Plains; the Alabama town of Fairhope; the Illinois towns of Chester and Glen Ellen; Giles County Tennessee; and Hong Kong China!

Contact Organization Leader: Master Ceth Jordan

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Farmington, Missouri Martial Arts

110 W. Pine Street
Farmington, Missouri 63640
United States (US)
Phone: (573) 760-1630
Secondary phone: (888) 978-KICK

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