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Martial Arts is a traditional and complex self-defense system based in Taekwondo that goes beyond “kicking and punching.” Youn Wha Ryu Martial Arts Students learn practical self-defense concepts that focus on increasing reaction, timing, speed, and full-body power.The dynamic classes combine both aerobic and anaerobic training and encourage the development of self-discipline, perseverance, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, and total-body strength. Youn Wha Ryu martial arts training can be modified as needed for students to be able to participate regardless of age and level of ability.

The system develops to to the strengths of the individual and incorporates not just the kicking and striking of Taekwondo but also the throws and joint locks of judo, hapkido and aikido as well as the ground game of jiu jitsu and a variety of weapons training. An ever-evolving art, Youn Wha Ryu adds new techniques and fighting strategies on a regular basis.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training
Physical Benefits: Cardiovascular health and fitness, increased flexibility, mobility and strength
Mental Benefits: Increased concentration and focus, mental acuity, problem solving
Self Defense: Physical techniques and mental strategies for self defense
Martial Arts training is also FUN!

Each class focuses on the six training principles:
Be Polite
Be Patient
Be Alert
Be Brave
Do Your Best
Respect Yourself and Others

Rank promotion is an option for students who train consistently, learn all the required rank level curriculum, and receive instructor's recommendation. Promotional testings are judged by Youn Wha Ryu Martial Arts Association Master level instructors and a black belt panel.

The traditional family-oriented martial arts classes are approximately one-hour in length and follow a structured format. The Youn Wha Ryu Martial Arts Association has extended instruction to include Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi and Yoga classes.

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